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New Last Scheduled Date Options
Apr 16 , 2015

Today's update includes a handful of features centered around the Last Scheduled Date of people. You can now see more details, scope to the team or position, and set this separately for each team. These new options also make auto-scheduling much more powerful.

Planning Center Registrations

Spring Cleaning in PCO Registrations
Apr 15 , 2015

While you were recovering from your busiest day of the year we've been hopped up on Cadbury Eggs and jelly beans making some great new features in Registrations just for you. They were too big to fit in your Easter basket, so you'll have to just take a look at them here instead.

Planning Center Check-Ins

Easter, Post Check-Ins, iOS Update, and MORE!
Apr 7 , 2015

Check-ins was used for the first time during Easter, and we had over 100,00 check-ins during the Easter week! Here's a few other interesting stats on what went happened during Easter weekend.

Planning Center People

Custom Fields in Reports & Last Name Sort
Apr 6 , 2015

More great updates coming at you for your favorite people management app! We've updated our default "Everything" report with custom tabs and fields since those are now available to use in reports. You can also sort people by last name, find people if a date field or checkbox has not been set, and create list conditions easier with reorganized dropdown boxes that include section headings.

Planning Center Services

Add Arrangements & Keys from iOS
Mar 31 , 2015

Services for iOS has been updated to allow creating and editing of Song Arrangements and Keys. When adding a new arrangement or key, you also have the option to import lyrics and chords from SongSelect. Plus, viewers can see which times they are assigned to more easily.

Planning Center Music Stand

Metronome & Audio Looping for Android
Mar 30 , 2015

Music Stand for Android just got a huge update that includes a full-featured Metronome and the ability to loop sections of audio from the audio player

Planning Center Check-Ins

One-Time Guests & Keyboard Shortcuts
Mar 11 , 2015

We’re working to continue improving Check-Ins! Check out some of the newer features we’ve just released.

Planning Center Registrations

Register Several People, and Delete Some Others
Mar 3 , 2015

The last couple weeks since launching PCO Registrations have been a flurry of activity. Our team has been busy at work adding some great new features and squashing bugs, and you've been busy setting up and accepting registrations for your events. Thousands of people have already signed up for events, and churches have collected thousands of dollars. Not bad for a few weeks! Here's a couple highlights of what we've been working on.

Planning Center Services

Linking Split Teams with Other Times
Mar 2 , 2015

We've added a great new feature to allow you to link Rehearsal Times or Other Times with people scheduled to a Split Team. This lets you link your 9am team with an 8:45 prayer time and your 11am team with a 10:45 prayer.

Planning Center People

New List Conditions & Household Updates
Mar 2 , 2015

PCO People is moving full speed ahead! In the two weeks since its release we've added some great features including new filtering options in Lists, an SMS button on mobile devices, getting Household results of lists, and creating new people while editing Households.