Planning Center News

Resources iOS App
Jan 14 , 2014

We hear you loud and clear. You like Resources on the web but you'd REALLY like a true iOS application. Something you can download. Something with an icon. That is what we're launching today.

Power to the Thumbs!
Nov 25 , 2013

If you use Resources primarily on your iPhone or Android, this update is for you. We've released tons of new functionality for small screens. Run reports, snapshot setup diagrams, and view the calendar on the go!

Mobile Mania, Polished Properties & A Fleet of Features
Nov 19 , 2013

Our Android app and Mobile website have been completely redone, bringing a new design, improved speed, and enhanced functionality. Projector gets Custom Text Slides to makde slides for non-song items. Custom Properties can now be required, you can easily find items not assigned to any properties and drag properties to assign them. Plus we've improved templates, editing plan times, redesigned our emails and stage layouts, and added new shortcut keys on plan pages!

Building For Speed
Nov 6 , 2013

Planning Center Resources - We listened to your feedback and we've released some small improvements today that should help you work a little smarter and a little faster.

Accounting Your Blessings
Oct 30 , 2013

Introducing Account Center, a fresh design, and administration updates. This is the first of a few catch up blog articles to let you know what the newest features are, and what's planned for the near future.

New to Resources: Calendar View
Sep 18 , 2013

There's a new full-size calendar view in Planning Center Resources.

Introducing: Planning Center Resources
Jul 1 , 2013

It's official! Today we're pulling the curtains back and launching our second major product, Planning Center Resources.

Kiosks & Embeddable Event Lists
Jun 20 , 2013

Last week we released a brand new Kiosk feature that we think you’re going to love. Now you can put kiosks up in the lobby of your church to show everything that’s happening. In addition, last month we released an embeddable event list you can insert into your own church website.

PraiseCharts and Lyrics & Chords Page Setup
Jun 3 , 2013

With Planning Center's new PraiseCharts integration, you can quickly import any file you've purchased on In addition, you can now specify your page setup if you use Plannign Center's Lyrics & Chords editor.

Plan Contributors, Text Message Setup & More!
May 1 , 2013

Our newest round of feature updates is headlined by Plan Contributors, a list of users who have made changes shown on the bottom of each plan. Plus, Schedulers, can now set up text messaging for other users, Stage Layouts PDFs are now Plan Attachments and will show up in our iOS app, and Music Stand will now install on many Android phones including the Galaxy Note!