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Planning Center Music Stand

Music Stand for Android 3.5
Dec 18 , 2014

Music Stand for Android was just updated to include some great new features including the ability to open song files even if they aren't in a plan.

Planning Center Online

Coming Soon: Planning Center Registrations
Dec 16 , 2014

Today we are very excited to announce the latest addition to the Planning Center family of applications: Planning Center Registrations, the best way for your church to put your events online, accept sign-ups and payments, and reign in the chaos of the details.

Planning Center Online

Staff Retreat 2014
Dec 10 , 2014

Our Planning Center yearly retreat just wrapped up and instead of keeping it to ourselves, we thought we'd share a little with you. Everything we do is guided by three things we love: our people, our products and our churches.

Planning Center Resources

Shuffling Resources
Nov 20 , 2014

We made some changes in the past few weeks that will make it a bit easier to move events around. If you have a busy calendar and events are often being rescheduled, extended, etc. then this update is for you!

Planning Center Check-Ins

Check Out the Check-Ins Changes
Nov 19 , 2014

It's been awhile since we've lifted our heads up from our computers and we are excited to share some of our recent improvements! Here are some of the highlights.

Planning Center Services

Services LIVE 3.0
Nov 12 , 2014

Services LIVE is an entire app built into your PCO Services account that you run during your service. If you've planned your service items, put in notes and entered in item lengths, LIVE steps you through that information one item at a time so you and your team can see what's happening now, what's coming up next, record the actual timing of each item, chat with your team & much more. We've completely redesigned LIVE 3.0 and packed in a ton of great new features.

Planning Center Resources

A couple wild months for Resources
Oct 30 , 2014

One small redesign and one massive technical undertaking. The last couple months we've made some improvements to the screen where customers spend the most time in Resources. We've also made Resources itself more reliable and easier for our team to improve.

Planning Center Resources

iCal Feeds & Reports: More to Explore!
Jul 31 , 2014

We've added some improvements to the way ical feeds work in Resources, based on your feedback! We've also added some new reports and written some detailed documentation for creating custom reports in Resources.

Planning Center Services

Drag & Drop Uploads
Jul 29 , 2014

Drop everything and rejoice, because the drag of having to use Flash for uploading files has been vanquished! Get aquainted with our new Drag & Drop, HTML 5 uploader.

Planning Center Check-Ins

PCO Check-Ins Released!
Jun 25 , 2014

After a month and a half of refining the application and listening to our wonderful testers, we are happy to take PCO Check-Ins out of beta!