News & Updates

Instant Bank Account Verification

Planning Center Giving

Mar 3 , 2016

Your donors can now set up bank transfer donations (ACH) by logging into their bank instead of using bank account and routing numbers. It works with 13 of the largest banks in the US which means the majority of your donors will be able verify their bank account instantly.

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Skipping Steps and Going Backwards

Planning Center People

Mar 2 , 2016

Today we've got a couple more quick updates for Workflows to make them even more flexible and to help keep card history more accurate by allowing you to skip steps or send cards back to a previous step.

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A Few Words About Sunday's Downtime

Planning Center Online

Feb 25 , 2016

If you use Planning Center Services or Check-Ins, you might have noticed that our sites had some serious reliability and performance issues at just about the worst possible time on Sunday morning, February 21st. Not only did this affect you, our customer, but it affected many of us personally since we rely on Planning Center in our own churches. We take that responsibility very seriously. Your trust means everything to us, and here's some changes we're implementing so that we can keep that trust.

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Headcount Reports and Dymo-Mite Browser Support

Planning Center Check-Ins

Feb 23 , 2016

Check it out! Our reporting engine has a new Headcounts report! This update paves the way for a few new reports we hope to add in the future. Also, Check-Ins now supports the new Dymo Widget solution, which means all browsers now work with Check-Ins!

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Announcing Assignments

Planning Center Registrations

Feb 22 , 2016

Today we've got a brand new feature in PCO Registrations to tame one of the most chaotic parts of event management. In your event, you probably need to keep track of who is assigned to your cabins, vans, tables, or groups, which can be really hard to get right! Now it's been made easy with our new assignments feature.

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List Automation

Planning Center People

Feb 8 , 2016

Lists are a powerful feature of PCO People, and they’re getting even better. Check out some new features involving list automation, which will multiply the power of lists by a kajillion.

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Bulk Updates and Custom Membership Types

Planning Center People

Jan 29 , 2016

Workflows aren't the only thing we've been working on lately! We've got two more helpful features to show off today.

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Workflows Bonanza!

Planning Center People

Jan 27 , 2016

Workflows have been one of the most popular features we've ever launched, and we're making them even better! This week we've added three huge updates to make Workflows more powerful.

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It's here! PCO People for Android!

Planning Center People

Jan 21 , 2016

The wait is over! And it was even shorter than I expected it to be! PCO People for Android is now available for free in the Google Play Store, with the exact same feature set as our recently announced iOS app.

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Resources Date/Time Format and 2016 Plans

Planning Center Resources

Jan 18 , 2016

PCO Resources now honors the date/time setting that you made in accounts. Also, we're excited to announce big Resources updates are coming in 2016.

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