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New Feature Roundup
May 9 , 2014

While you're waiting for our next big feature announcement, take a minute to read about some of the smaller features and improvements we've made recently. Blocking out dates now asks if you'd like to decline previously confirmed plans, you can edit scheduling preferences from a plan in the needed positions box, CSV importing has been greatly improved, custom slides for Projector are more visible and are included when exporting a plan, and accessing a person's schedule from their profile page now shows their team & position.

Planning Center Check-Ins

Announcing Planning Center Check-Ins
Apr 8 , 2014

Today we announce Planning Center Check-Ins, our new child and volunteer check-in system.

Planning Center Services

Email Deliverability
Apr 7 , 2014

Yahoo had recently decided not to deliver any emails sent from Planning Center, but we've resolved that, so all new emails should arrive consistently. For some background information, read on.

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Event Archiving in Resources
Mar 31 , 2014

When an event is over, it will now drop out of the main view of events (though, still accessible via search.)

Planning Center Online

Meet Your Support Team
Mar 26 , 2014

Get to know a little bit about the team that is passionate about making your Planning Center experience the best it can be!

Planning Center Resources

Enhancements to Room and Resource Questions
Mar 7 , 2014

We've made some enhancements to room and resource questions, based on your feedback.

Planning Center Services

Family Scheduling
Feb 12 , 2014

Households are here! You can now group your family together in PCO Services so that you can be scheduled simultaneously or independently of each other.

Planning Center Music Stand

Music Stand Version 3
Feb 10 , 2014

Planning Center Music Stand for both iPad and Android have received big updates to version 3 including a new modern design. Version 3 for iPad is almost a complete rewrite for iOS7 and includes a host of new features including audio looping, a flashing metronome, offline annotation sync, and a dark theme. Version 3 for Android includes landscape support for viewing 2 pages at a time and initial support for sessions, allowing another device to control its page turns.

Planning Center Services

File License Tracking
Feb 3 , 2014

Planning Center Services can now help you track individual file licenses and email you when you've exceeded them. If you need to share files that aren't covered by a blanket license from CCLI, Christian Copyright Solutions, or otherwise, License Tracking within PCO Services will drastically simplify your processes for keeping up with those licenses.

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Post A Comment Using Email
Jan 23 , 2014

You can now reply via email if someone asks a question or makes a comment in Resources and Services.