Plan. Practice. Perform.

All of your sheet music in one place

Swipe or step thru PDFs with a foot pedal, take personalized notes, and play attached audio from our iPad & Android apps. You can even use Music Stand right from your browser.

Planning Center Music Stand iPad stand

Simple setup for the whole team

Planning Center Music Stand device linking

Link Multiple Devices for Page Turns

Allow one device to wirelessly control other devices by creating and joining sessions. One person can turn everyone's pages. Even if your devices are a mix of Android & iPad.

External Display

Wirelessly turn an HDTV into a dual-page music stand using an AppleTV with AirPlay or using a video out cable from the iPad.

Device Compatibility

iPad Android
Annotate your PDFs
Compatible with AirTurn Footpedal
Compatible with XClip
Play MP3s with Audio Player
Arrange & Order Pages
Offline Access
Zoom and Crop Pages
Link Multiple Devices for Page Turns
External Display with Apple TV & AirPlay
Access Your Full Songs Library
Editing Your Plans
Compatible with large phones
For questions or more information on device compatibily please email