Planning Center News

Planning Center Accounts

Stripe Deposit Summaries
Jun 11 , 2015

Our new Stripe Reports feature you will be able to see every deposit to your account and where the money for each deposit should be designated. Now your accountants’ lives will be quite a bit easier and your staff will have more time to focus on other parts of your ministry.

Planning Center Services

New Audio Player for Android & iOS
Jun 10 , 2015

The audio player in our Services app for iOS and Android has received a huge update! The new version is full screen but collapses to a mini toolbar to give you the best of both space and convenience. You can loop sections of any song or even swipe to mark different songs to skip when going through your playlist. Quickly download all files for offline use and see album artwork for a more visual experience.

Planning Center People

A New API and Better CSV Imports
Jun 8 , 2015

As churches are using PCO People to store more and more important information about the their congregations, we want to make it even easier to get that data in and out. We’ve released two new ways for you to do this by improving our CSV imports and creating an all-new API for developers.

Planning Center Check-Ins

Lock A Station
Jun 8 , 2015

We’re excited to announce a new feature that may change the way you set up your Stations. Starting today you can now lock your stations to an event, folder, or location.

Planning Center Registrations

Scholarships in PCO Registrations
Jun 3 , 2015

A new way for you to help make your events more affordable for your attendees.

Planning Center Check-Ins

Checking Out, Barcode Input, & Improved Households
May 28 , 2015

The month of May has some exciting new features and updates from the Check-Ins team! We added a “check out by” option, the ability to hide the barcode scanner image on Self Stations, improved household editing on the Admin side, and added a new way to switch accounts. We also pushed a few free week projects into Check-Ins, such as improved PDF viewing and signing in with your phone number. Lastly, we talk about our plans with Google Chrome and the Dymo plugin.

Planning Center Services

Chordacopia! Full-Screen Chord Editor & Quick Transpose
May 13 , 2015

Today we released a slew of new music features that work together in perfect harmony. If you create chord charts within PCO Services, want a way to transpose from anywhere, prefer number or numeral charts, or want a more powerful way to download songbooks for each plan, then watch this video or read on!

Planning Center Registrations

Partial Payments Make Happy Campers
May 11 , 2015

We've got a major update to PCO Registrations that's just in time for your summer events. With these new features your attendees can make a deposit on an event and make additional payments later. Let me show you how it works!

Planning Center People

Communication History, File Uploads and Profile Merging in PCO People
May 7 , 2015

Today we're showing off three great new features in PCO People: communication history, custom file uploads, and profile merging.

Planning Center Services

New Last Scheduled Date Options
Apr 16 , 2015

Today's update includes a handful of features centered around the Last Scheduled Date of people. You can now see more details, scope to the team or position, and set this separately for each team. These new options also make auto-scheduling much more powerful.